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Core Activations of the Divine Feminine Code 

An 8 week collective energetic Portal


Woman, you are powerful beyond what you could have ever imagined within this Golden Age of Miracles.



This portal into the Matrix of the Divine Feminine Codes will be a collective energetic shift. It will not be so much about giving you more information or tools although this may *will most certainly* happen. This will be a profound remembrance of what you already know in the depths of your bones , what is already found percolating within the circulation of your blood, & heard within the whispers of your Spirit, to be divine truth. Together we will create an anchoring within the Core of the Earth that will open up the portal of remembrance living within the tightly woven facets of your cellular makeup. This remembrance will begin to attune your entire being so that those small whispers of knowingness that you already hold become more weighted in truth. We will begin to organically weave together the power of our Divine Feminine Energy to create the alchemical shifts of embodiment.  As we create this living Cosmic Web, all the *work* organically becomes enveloped in the Orgasmic Playground of the Soul. There will be transmutations of death, rebirth, and a continual evolution within the timeline of integration deeply encoded into your system. 

The Solar Right & the Lunar Left

“I do not believe in God because I’ve never seen him. If he wanted me to believe in him, then surely he would come and speak with me. He would come in through my door saying, ‘Here I am!’ But if God is the hive and the honeybee, and pollen and nectar and sun and moon, then I believe in her and I believe in her at every moment, and my life is a prayer and a celebration and a communion with the eyes and through the ears. I honor her by living spontaneously, as a woman who opens her eyes and truly sees, and I call her the hive and the honeybee and pollen and sun and moon, and I love her without.



 -The Shamanic Way of the Bee by Simon Buxton



We will encode the Divine Feminine Activations of ….



Organic Manifestation 


Archetypal, Emotional, Energetic Realms


Sacred Surrender & Receiving 


Death & Rebirth




Healing the Relationship to the Masculine


Integrity of a Higher Consciousness


Distortion in the Field 


Creating within the Hologram 




As we create a living matrix around these core activations the formula will be encoded into your system and reverberate through your process of integration for a continual timeline of weaving throughout the fabric of life. 

This will be an 8 week course where we will collectively meet once

a week for a live transmission of Core Activations. 


The Encoding has already begun Divine Woman



Doors close on October 20th & the Live Transmissions begin on Wednesday 27th, on Zoom. 

*time TBD

You will have one year access to the materials & recorded live transmissions stored in a password-protected google drive. The transmissions will eventually be uploaded to a password-protected site. You will also receive & have access to updates I feel called to share from within future program releases. 


There will be a Facebook Group for the program where you can share, discuss, percolate, ask questions, play, & receive support. The Group will be up for three weeks after the live program completion; however, I will be letting the group hold the web of frequency & I will be unavailable to be actively or energetically engaged. 

*Note that this will be a higher-level activation & we will not be doing extensive deep dives into every single foundational concept. However, the high-level transmissions will activate you wherever you currently find yourself on your journey. If you desire more tools, grounded practices, and extensive explorations into the foundations, you may choose to explore some of my other offerings as they are re-released in the future. Unearth the Goddess Within, Womb Wisdom or the Aligned Goddess Training might be best for you. All are welcome. There will be no refunds given due to the subjective nature of this offering.


Lauren Teresa Rose is a Woman’s Embodiment Mentor weaving together an Authentic and Organic Expression of you. She is adept at practices of the Divine Feminine Arts & clearing Inorganic Truth Timelines. Lauren is here to be the catalyst for you to Activate within yourself a deeper understanding of who you be at your Soul’s level. Some containers she holds have more tools or specific practices offered; however, many of her containers are simply holding the clarity of space for you to begin to clear yourself of Inorganic Truths, conditioned beliefs, and ways of being that are creating the False Matrix of Who You Be. 


Through Sacred Sensuality, Archetypal Energetics, Womb Wisdom, Holographic Universal Activations, & Embodiment Anchorings, she is here to Initiate you into creating a Soul Matrix Practice that will extend through lifetimes of past, present, future realities.


You are truly a Divine Goddess waiting to be Activated to transform the seen and unseen alike. Only you can do this work & allow the activation of Self. Lauren sees so many women deeply yearning & searching outside of themselves for this activation even within the matrix of coaching, Self Development & Spiritual Community; while many are seeing growth & the creation of great things in their lives, they can intrinsically feel on a deep level that they are not creating from the unique design of their Soul Matrix. Every one of Lauren's offerings is designed to activate this within you on the most fundamental level & will only enhance any practices you already use as a tool for growth. 

She sees each woman who comes into her field as a Sacred Being to be honored by holding a space of integrity & fierce, compassionate truth. Within this container, women begin to see a clear reflection of Self, often for the first time. Let the initiation begin....... 




Step into the Mystery of Who You Be & Claim Your Place on Earth



    "I did six weeks of coaching with Lauren & I had so many breakthroughs that it’s hard to know where to begin. Every single week she pulled something out of me that I didn’t even know was there in the first place or helped me to clear some significant blocks that I had been having. She helped me to get really clear on what I want for my future & provided me with a strategy on how to create that future. Every week the things that we would talk about in our hour-long sessions would somehow show up in my life as actual lessons. It was pretty magical & I know that her strong intuition was leading me to exactly where I needed to be. My life has continued to evolve to greater places as a result of our work together & I’m still seeing things fall into place that I planted the seeds for during her coaching.  She has absolutely helped me to ignite the spark of my own evolution & I am beyond grateful for her & the work that we did together."


      “After just a few short days of coaching with Lauren, something shifted in me. A fire had been re-lit in my soul. Dreams that I had put off, suddenly felt tangible again. I knew I needed to continue this magic, so I took a huge leap of faith and hired Lauren as my life coach. From there, the walls of self doubt started to crumble. Lauren helped me identify and work through the negative beliefs in my head that held me back from living the life I've always dreamed of. She gave me the tools to create a clear vision of what I wanted. We broke my goals down into detailed plans that would fast tract me to my dreams.  All of this work was not easy. I fell off track many times and battled some pretty ugly demons. Lauren was there for me every step of the way with an open heart. She has a powerful ability to make people feel held and supported at any stage of their journey. Her down to earth spirit makes it so easy to be vulnerable with her without ever feeling judged. She truly wants to help others live the life they've always envisioned for themselves. I now feel such passion for my life because it is the one I've always wanted. The vision for my future has never been clearer. My jewelry business has taken off and my dreams are becoming realities. I am setting bigger goals and dreaming bigger dreams because I now have the tools to walk aggressively and successfully towards those things. I am forever grateful for Lauren's life coaching and never ending love and support. “



      Katie C


        "After completing the 8-week Vision program with Lauren, I can honestly say I am a changed woman. She worked with me one-on-one each week to find the open-hearted, aligned woman that I knew I always could be. Once I began working with Lauren, I saw my life shifting in the best, most unexpected ways - improved relationships, success in my career, and an increase in self-confidence and empowerment. I now feel confident that I can tackle whatever life has to throw at me using the tools I earned from Lauren. I loved this program so much that I went on to participate in her "The Aligned Goddess" program, and I truly see that as an extension of the Vision program."

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        Let me become a Catalyst for my own Activation across Time & Space

        Amen, Aho, & So It is

        Not in Divine Timing for you? There are many Activations taking place on Instagram. Follow @Lauren.teresa.rose 

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        Loving is a journey with water and with stars, with smothered air and abrupt storms of flour: loving is a clash of lighting-bolts and two bodies defeated by a single drop of honey. 

        Pablo Neruda, "Sonnet XII,"

        One Hundred Love Sonnets 

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