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Cosmic Connections

Image by Touann Gatouillat Vergos
Image by Marten Bjork

Collapsing Time

The Collapsing of time, the beginning and the end. The supernova moment that happens within & without when you allow the higher planes of existence to become more clear than your habituated self. It's the breakthrough moment that extends up, down, & out simultaneously. It's a tiny window where your access to deeper truth opens up. It's so outside of what we know as our intellectualized life's modern experience it has almost the ironically felt sense of not being able to touch it, see it, or make sense of it in any logical way. If you try to bring in even the Architect of the Higher Mind to organize it, you lose the magic; you will inevitability try to pull it into your limited understanding of Self. However, it will be able to organize more as you integrate.....



Hello Divine Woman. First & foremost, I am so humbled to be back in your presence & deeply grateful for the opportunity to be active within this space again.

Where have I been? 

I have been in a continual process of organic death & rebirth. 

An ever-changing moment of the ever-present. 

As I took the past couple of years to integrate lost fragmented parts of Self, to marry Divine Feminine & Masculine aspects, to deeply explore the Archetypal realm of expression here in 3D, I feel I have lived many lifetimes. I have transversed many different planes of existence to find wholeness & a deeply abundant code of wild & divine wealth encoded deep within my system. I am now being Divinely called to create this golden legacy of fortune for other women in the collective. 


Image by Aaron Burden

The Fluid Extracellular Matrix

Right now, I am excited to explore the links between Myofascial Release, structured water, & collagen.


The practice of Myofascial release essentially reorganizes your extracellular matrix (which, in simple terms, is known as the fascial system) into more organized structured water or liquid crystal through the process of piezoelectricity. This process of reorganization affects the entire bioelectric field, 

creating more coherence and resonance within your system. 


When using collagen & the art of Myofascial Release or similar practices together, I believe that the collagenous layer will be more malleable, making the entire 3-dimensional fascial web......


The Clarity & Magik of
an Aligned System

Many of us who have been doing *the work* for a time have a good idea of what this means & why we desire the clarity of an aligned system in our lives. We've heard it all; we understand that we are an amplification tool calling in what we are a match for at any moment in time. This in & of itself is a very advanced level concept to HOLD, to fully become in a way that feels directed. 


With the consciousness uplevel we see happening in recent years, many beings are playing their part in waking the collective and helping call each one of us into more alignment of Self. Most of these moments of clarity, downloads, or Golden Nuggets on your path serve to keep you moving forward into.....

Image by Matt Flores
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