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Image by Mathew Schwartz
Image by Jordan Stewart


Musical Journey created for the Solstice 2021. Honoring the longest day of the year and a shifting towards a more feminine energy moving into our collective psyche. 

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Wild & Holy

A playlist portal created for feeling your sense of wildness & holiness. Before entering this portal take a moment to feel, sense, & reflect. 


1. Where in your life you are compartmentalizing these divine aspects of yourself?

2. Where do you allow yourself to be wild? Where do you allow yourself to be holy?

3. How can you create a bridge where these two aspects of Self can play, dance, BE together?

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Image by Kristina Tamašauskaitė
Image by Nikola Knezevic

Lion's Gate Activation

A playlist portal to Activate Lion's Gate Energy within you. 8/8 is a powerful energy of infinite possibility & transfiguration here on Earth. Its symbolism carries much with it across different myths, lore, practices, & within every practice of the sacred arts. Feel into what aspect of the 8/8 portal you gravitate towards most. Let it rapture through you. As you experience the build of energy during this time, take care to notice the events or forces happening globally to tamp down this energy transmission. 

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Fall Equinox

As summer draws to an end and we approach the upcoming Fall Equinox, we are met with a time where light and dark, the masculine and feminine, come into equal balance. We feel the brightness of summer waning, and the darkness of winter begins to draw closer to our energetic field. 


This moment of Mother Earth's unified polarity is why now is an opportune time for a pause in reflection, to honor the thick vibrancy of long summer days and feel the enchantment & stillness of winter moving in. 


During this transitional moment, let yourself linger in the subtleties of the in-between a little longer. Feel the intensity of summer energy beginning to morph slowly, absorb the slowing down, the stillness, the lightness that quietly percolates into the field, and reap the bounty of everything you have set into motion & everything that is yet to come. 

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Image by Clint McKoy
Image by Barna Kovács

Let it Burn

Do you feel it? The last desires to hang onto the Summer’s bright white light, the yearning to continue to soak in all of its external beauty? The sun's light has begun to linger, to suspend for us to be able to take in all of its glistening golden rays. It softens its warm glow further as we move through this transitory season. As bio-spiritual beings, we are hearing the last calls of Mother Earth to embody the journey inward, to absorb & gather its golden rays into the holy fascets of our beings. We are being called to let our inner light begin to grow its strength for the coming darkness & inner stillness. You may feel the contrasting push & pull as we feel the desire to hang on to felt memories of the longer days, the radiant bright light, while simultaneously feeling a deep inner knowingness that it is our bio- spiritual time to turn inward more fully, a time to begin to focus on gathering & preparing more of our soul strength. 



This playlist is offered in honor of that felt push-pull. It is offered to assist in the shedding & the burning off any remnants of our tendency to hold on to summer’s bright light. It is offered to make space to allow the final calls of the soft golden rays of Autumn to take hold of our inward senses more fully. Let this further be an offering to burn off any attachments to all that is no longer in service to your individual liberation.


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Birth of the Feminine

Offering it up involves the entirety of your cellular makeup. 


It is the full embodiment of feminine surrender. 


It is an expression of your willingness to be led by the Divine. 


It is a primal full- bodied prayer. 


Your surrendered state of being, a full rapture of equal let go & total absorption, is preparing you for the rapture. 


A wave of ecstasy in motion. 


A magnetic force.


An organic electrifying current. 


This is ancient magic embodied as a woman.  


It lives in you. 



Allow her to bloom open & R^SE. 


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Image by Tim Marshall
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