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Anchoring Meditation

The core frequency of the Earth is to be rooted in the Divine Feminine Spirit. Your ability to extend your energetic roots into the Earth is in direct relationship to being rooted in your Feminine essence. When you attach an anchor here, its gravitational pull will begin to purify the system. The old energy will percolate through your cellular makeup for the energy of something new to imprint. 


As women, our womb has this same organic process of alchemizing the old to make room for the new. We clear for ourselves, we clear for our partners, we clear for our families, our entire ancestral lineage. In turn, we clear for the collective. 


You are a clearing force, a vortex of power, a pulsating beacon of creation. 


Caress the bottoms of your feet, your thighs, your hips & fully absorb your own touch for a few moments before beginning this meditation. 

Myofascial Release Self- Treatment & Entering the Womb Meditation

A Somatic Meditation that weaves together many practices to guide you through a Myofascial Self Release Treatment. This journey will instill you with a deep connection to your Divine Feminine womb energy. 


I created this meditation to help my clients connect deeply on all planes of existence. You will be taken through the process of releasing on deep physical levels and guided into feeling your innate power to create and inform the biosensory feedback in your body.


This is especially helpful for those who have overactive upper energy centers and underactive lower energy centers. This meditation creates massive shifts that ripple through your entire nervous system and psyche (mental & spiritual). 


*this meditation is a great practice to do in tandem with the Anchoring Meditation or before the Pelvic Floor Self Release. 

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Diamond Clarity Meditation

A somatic meditation designed to bring clarity into your system. This journey will begin the process of preparing your channel to become more clear. As a result, veils will begin to lift, energetic hooks & attachments will be deeply felt, & the process of deconditioning will quicken. 

Divine Fluctuation Meditation

A meditation created to imprint a sense of trust throughout your cellular system in times of fluctuation. This meditation is a powerful tool to use during your moon time, the now what moment, when you are stuck in the pattern of indecision, or when seemingly nothing new is coming into your field. As you move this meditational practice of loving Divine Fluctuations, you will begin to feel the beauty in the tides of life moving in and moving out all in Divine accordance.

Coming soon.....

Image by Khamkéo Vilaysing
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